Our mission is to empower people to unite around ideas that matter to them

Ulinkem is the Saudi's largest event technology platform. We build the technology to allow anyone to create, share, find and attend new things to do that fuel their passions and enrich their lives. Music festivals, venues, marathons, conferences, hackathons, contests, gaming competitions — you name it, we power it.

Welcome to the newest social media platform in Saudi Arabia!

Ulinkem is a networking platform that helps you meet like-minded people in Saudi Arabia. Whether you are looking for a business partnerو an enlightened person to talk to or even get in touch with someone who shares your hobby, Ulinkem is the platform for you.

Business platform in Saudi Arabia

Ulinkem is a place to share ideas, start discussions, find the funding you need for your new business plan, or find a partner who shares your vision. You can easily start your new business network by creating your profile, updating your interests, and starting your network. 

Networking platform in Saudi Arabia

Ulinkem aims to connect people in the kingdom, our goal is to help people gather and form social, business, and cultural circles around the topics that matter to them. Get in touch with professionals to brainstorm ideas until your new project sees the light and becomes a real business, or gather with fellow musicians to practice music until you form your own band, just find your happy circle.

Join a circle or create your own

Check the available circles, or create your own. A circle can be as big or as intimate as you want it to be, and you can choose the people who will join you.

Why do you need Ulinkem?

Because despite the high rise in social media platforms, most of them are geared towards isolating people, connecting with others online instead of in real life.  Ulinkem is all about bringing people together in Saudi Arabia, talking business with the experts, practicing your hobby with interested people, or teaching a class to enthusiastic learners. Here in Ulinkem, we take gathering like-minded people very seriously, we review each application manually to make sure there are no spammers among us.
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