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Have a business-related question and not sure where to ask it?

You’ve come to the right place!

Unlinkem is a business platform in Saudi Arabia, it is a place where you can ask all your business questions and get the professional help you need.

How to initiate a business in Saudi Arabia?

If you want to start a small business in Saudi Arabia or have a business idea that you’re not sure how to develop, just start a circle here.

Add business experts and chat with them, you can even hold a business meeting, whether an online one on the website or an offline one, the choice is up to you.

Business topics to discuss

There are different business-related topics that you might want to discuss here, or add your own topic and start your own business discussion.

Business ideas

If you have an idea that you need help developing into a real-life business get advice from professionals here.

Job interviews

Do you have an interview that you’re worried about, ask people how to do great in that interview and get the job you want.

Crisis management

Do you have a problem at work that you find yourself at a loss on how to solve? Ask for advice and help.

Small business

Challenges that face small businesses are varied, and they are totally different from those that face large companies, if you need to discuss that with similar establishment owners this is the right place.

General business topics

Maybe you have a general topic that you would like people to comment on, something that is related to business but not specific to your work.

How to start a business discussion

Before you start your circle, you need to decide on how the discussion is going to go with the attendees. These points will help you start a productive business discussion.

Plan properly

The first step to having a conductive business conversation is suitable planning. Before you start the discussion, consider what needs to happen in this circle. Write down the points you would like to discuss during the conversation.

Ask questions

If there’s a point that you need explained ask more questions, don’t be shy, you are here to give and take advice and information.

Listen carefully

If people at the circle start debating a point or have two contradicting points of view, listen carefully to both sides before you make up your mind.

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