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Talents are the skills people are born with naturally, or at least learn them fairly easily and quickly. On the other hand, skills are acquired, people often work on developing and perfecting them.

So what should you do when you need to work on your talent in Saudi Arabia? Or when you have a skill that’s so that you want to monetize, by teaching or freelancing?

You come here to Ulinkem!

This is a community for sharing talents and skills, and working on developing them.

Skill development in Saudi Arabia

We believe in connecting people, helping them gather to accomplish their goals, in order to build a magnificent community in Saudi Arabia.

Skill Development often refers to the process of providing proper training to better optimize acquired skills and raw talents.

Going hand in hand, Talents, and skills are essential for development. They are the seeds for the economic growth and community development of a country as the benefits of skill development include improved performance, improved communication, and improved recruitment and career opportunities.

Through Ulinkem, you can find the right skill development program for you, and you can find the right people to guide you through that program.

Freelancing in Saudi Arabia

In the past decade or so, freelancing has witnessed impressive growth in Saudi Arabia. Now it is normal to meet people who freelance alongside their jobs, either to earn more money, to practice a skill that they don’t get to optimize in their daily jobs, or even to get better use of their time. Some people even choose the freedom of freelancing over having a regular 9 to 5 job.

Freelancing allows people to become self-employed and ensure a steady source of income. In the rise of demand for freelancers these fields in particular have seen a significant rise: graphic designing, marketing and advertising, confectionery, jewelry and coffee industry and real estate services

Whether you are a freelancer and want to get more recognition, or you’re looking for a freelancer to get a job done, here is the right place for you. Consider this a freelancer's platform in the Kingdom, a networking platform where talents and skills are best optimized.

How this works

One of the most vital elements of freelancing is building a network. The fastest way to do this is by joining relevant online conversations or by attending physical and virtual meet-ups. Creating your circle in this digital platform where you can market and sell your services can place you in front of interested people looking for your expertise.

Keep in mind that it’s also fundamental to uphold a cooperative mindset. Gathering with other freelancers with skills that complement your own can help you develop your own skill as well as create new opportunities for engagements and exposure.

Courses in Saudi Arabia

Another way to optimize your talent or skill is by teaching it, and this also can be achieved here.

Starting a teaching circle can help you find interested learners, and it’s up to you to take it from there, either by hosting online classes or by setting dates and a place for offline classes.

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