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Ulinkem allows you to get in touch with local entrepreneurs, empower and expand your network with international professionals and business owners across Saudi Arabia. Allowing each participant to create their own group discussion and provide you with an infinite supply of wonderful discussion ideas that you can use everywhere.

Interesting Topics

The internet is one of society's greatest achievements, and it is the primary source of entertainment for the younger population. It unites us all and allows the average person to communicate his or her thoughts with the rest of the world. There are innumerable niches to discover, and everyone has a favorite spot. Nowadays, Ulinkem provides its users with a perfect platform that will gather everyone together, allowing them to share their thoughts, beliefs, and hobbies.

Ulinkem offers you an online way to connect with others. You can create your own circle of discussion and start to discuss the topics on your mind with everyone throughout Saudi Arabia, meet new interesting people and make new friends.

Topics to Talk About

Topics are unlimited as you can create any kind of circles of topic discussions, while you are anywhere. Here at Ulinkem you can get your own thoughts on the spot and connect with those who are interested. 

  • Social Issues Debate Topics
  • Business Topics
  • Education Debate Topics
  • Health Debate Topics
  • Technology Debate Topics
  • Hobbies such as music, art, sports, etc.

How to Select Good Topics to Discuss? 

A good topic is one that allows participants and audience members to learn about both sides of a problem or issue. When choosing a debate topic, keep the following elements in mind:

Interest: Are you enthusiastic about the subject? Would your peers, as well as the audience who listened to the discussion, be interested in the topic? Selecting a topic that interests you makes the debate preparation process as well as the debate itself more enjoyable.

Argument Potential: You want to pick a debate topic that will allow you to make a strong point. You'll have a hard time developing a solid debate if one side is plainly correct or if there isn't a lot of material available.

Availability of Data: Data points strengthen an argument. You should choose a topic that has a lot of empirical evidence that you can use to back up your claim.

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